Golden Fish Travels Adds New Stops in Thailand and Cambodia to Tour Options


MAKAWAO, Hawaii — Golden Fish Travels, a leading planner and provider of custom guided tours, announced the availability of a range of exciting new travel options. With a number of new Thailand tours now detailed at the Golden Fish Travels website, those seeking personalized, highly memorable travel arrangements are encouraged to contact the company. New Cambodia-based travel itineraries will also allow guests to experience the monumental Angkor Wat temple complex while discovering dozens of lesser-known features of that fascinating country. With a huge range of travel options and nearly forty years of experience planning and leading tours, Golden Fish Travels is one of the country’s most frequently recommended partners for those seeking to travel anywhere in Asia or Africa.

“Even while the resort towns of Thailand have become well known to those who prefer to stay on the beaten path, the country still holds countless fascinating secrets for the more adventurous,” Golden Fish Travels Director Anne Leveque said, “We’re happy to be able to cater to both kinds of travelers and everyone in between, and we are always seeking out and visiting exciting new destinations of all kinds. As a result of our research and travel, we’ve just added a number of new options for those traveling to Thailand or Cambodia, as well as several more in Myanmar, Burma, Japan and elsewhere in Asia. We encourage anyone interested in memorable, rewarding travel to stop by our website to learn more.”

Founded in 1977 as a 501(c)(3) Arts Organization, Golden Fish Travels has since then specialized in provided personalized, highly informed travel tours to some of the world’s most interesting places. Working closely with local experts in every case, the company plans tours informed by the insider knowledge that only those steeped in a particular place’s history and culture can provide.

Platinum Party Bus Appears to Be the Right Choice for Your Wedding and Bachelor / Bachelorette Party

Most people would consider the details surrounding their wedding and bachelor / bachelorette parties to be some of the most important decisions of their lives. The staff at Platinum Party Bus ( would undoubtedly agree as they have been satisfying customers when offering such rentals (for decades) in the Toronto area.

Of course, arranging transportation for milestone events can be a difficult decision but perhaps the best way to feel more comfortable (in this digital age) is to take the time to thoroughly examine the numerous reviews to be found online. Fortunately for them (and perhaps you if you decide to use their services), there are numberous examples to be found of glowing testimonials from thrilled customers (who feel that they made the correct decision when hiring them.) It can be difficult to please everyone so this certainly speaks to their dedication to customer service.

They also showcase an impressive fleet of vehicles to choose from and even have some great recommendations in regards to other events that you might consider contacting them about (this includes wine tours and casino trips as just a couple of examples.)

Indeed, Platinum Party Bus clearly appears to be excelling in their field and their website is easy to navigate and highly informative.

It appears to be advisable, however, to call them directly for prices and to discuss any specific requests that you might have to suit your particular need. They are assuredly accustomed to going the extra mile for their clients.

For (this most important) evening or day, you ultimately want to ensure that you’re able to travel and arrive to your destination in luxury without having to question the decisions you made in preparation for the event.

For these occasions you simply want to create memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Jerry is Really Going Through His Inheritance

I guess you can not say my friend Jerry does not know how to blow money in a hurry. A few weeks ago he came into the inheritance that his grandfather left it. The money was put into a trust fund so that he could not touch it before he was 21 years of age. Of course the idea was sound, because he would have blown it if he had been able I think. The first thing he did was to have a huge party, he even got a limo bus rental from Diamond limousine and used it to go from one club to the next. The party was pretty epic, I would not argue that point.

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Enjoy the best Family Travel in New York City

When you want to take your family out for a vacation, you will prefer destinations that are ideal for all members of the family. Kids have a different taste when compared to adults, so when choosing a destination, you may consider visiting a place that will offer enjoyment for the whole family. Making the right choice can sometimes seem a challenge, but with the right information, it becomes one of the easiest things to do. Here are a few suggestions that can suit a family vacation.

Family Travel in Washington, D.C.
D.C. is a pedestrian-friendly destination, so you will find walking tours very common. For a family travel in Washington, it is necessary to first establish whether the kids are comfortable when it comes to walking. Most probably, they will enjoy visiting new places and exploring various elements of the city as they also see new people. Washington, D.C. is a destination that is ideal for people of all ages and class. If the family loves water, they will have exciting moments enjoying boat ride with Family Travel in New York City while they also get to view amazing waterfall and river scenery.

Family Travel in New York City
a family travel New York City offers a kid-friendly environment more than most parents would imagine. While it is popular for its busy streets, New York City is a cultural spot, which is decorated with amazing entertainment options. The city offers incredible museums and theaters where his family can have time together. The Central Park is among the destinations that one would not miss as it offers unrivaled beauty and space for kids and the whole family to enjoy.

The diligent professional of today can be found filled with limitless list of projects that include several conventions,

How to Choose Hotels Smartly

In this modern world we can rely on the internet technology to find the cheap hotels online for our vacation. With the help of internet technology we can get all updated information about hotel prices, room availability, and even instant room reservations, all can be done from the comfort of our livingroom.


Although searching information about hotels can be quite easy via internet however there are few things you need to know about how to find cheap hotels faster and more accurate when you want to have a great summer vacation in Asia.


Simple Tips to Find Cheap Hotels Online

Before you start to search hotels online, the first thing you need to do is to decide which type of hotels you’d like to stay in, while at the same time keeping everything within on your budget range. You must choose the type of hotel based on your needs. Here are some tips you can try:


  1. When you’ve decided which type of hotels you’d like to choose then you can continue to do the online searching. You can begin to search based on the price ranges or discount ranges given. You can make your search easier you can visit some online travel directory where you can obtain lists of hotel prices and compare them easily.


  1. Once you can find the hotel that meets your price range then you can visit the official website of the hotel to search for the actual discounts available.


  1. You can ask also if there are memberships that can possible meets your budgeted traveling costs.


  1. Cheap hotels can come in various models like the cabins or dormitory which are very simple and cheap for backpackers. Although their more friendly with your budget however you should consider about the comfort and safety too.


  1. You can save more money if you

A Simple Plan: Bags

Why Should You Own a Good Backpack? People who enjoy traveling know how important it is to take along with them the necessities they need on their trip. However, people who travel often may find that putting all these necessities into a large suitcase or bag may not be the most convenient thing to do. You might not like the fact that your huge bag or suitcase takes up a lot of space and you feel constricted whenever you want to move around. If one wishes to travel with more comfort and convenience, then, it would be a wonderful idea for him or her to purchase a good backpack. Having a good backpack certainly provides everyone with delightful benefits to enjoy. When one travels with a good backpack, he or she will have the benefit of not worrying that there will be enough space for it, as backpacks are very easy to stow away. If you are tired of having the inconvenience of traveling with your suitcase and constantly trying to find a place for it to fit in every bus or train you take, it is definitely time to change your travel style and purchase a good backpack. Backpacks definitely make it easier for everyone because they don’t require a huge amount of space – they can be fitted easily into overhead compartments, on the floor, or even on their owners’ laps. The next benefit that backpacks give to those who love to travel is the benefit of comfort. When you use another type of bag, you might notice that after a long, full day of travel, your body gets very tired and you are prone to feel aches and pains in the muscles that you used to carry it.

Lessons Learned from Years with Yachts

The Best Luxury Yachting Tours in Dubai If you are planning out a vacation alone, or with your special someone, or with the whole family, one of the things you should consider is getting on to a luxury yachting tour in Dubai, which is considered to be among the best destinations all over the world. With the splendid yachting experience that you will be getting, you will be able to discover the beauty of the country. It doesn’t if this is your first time or your 15th time, you will still enjoy the whole thing. Why you should choose luxury yachting tours in Dubai? There are a lot of good things that you will get if you spend the holiday yachting. For example, you will have a great crew who will attend to your needs and you will have the blue skies all to yourself. If you want, you can also spend time in remote beaches with complete privacy. The crew will make you feel as if you are royalty and will provide you with world-class services. Another thing that will make you consider is that there are so many places in the country that are yet to be discovered . You can only enjoy them fully with a yacht. You can certainly find a peaceful place where you can drink champagne with your loved one. You don’t have to worry about anything such as what you are going to eat because the crew will take are of everything.
The 10 Best Resources For Services
Your dream to spend time yachting will finally be realized through the help of the greatest luxury tours in Dubai. What’s more is that through the excellent services that the company will provide you, the experience will prove

5 Best Beaches in Lagos

The city of Lagos of has not been much associated with a beach. In other words, if you are flying from London to Lagos, you cannot imagine Lagos without a beach. The place would really seem to be isolated and secluded. In recent times, thanks to the tourism and trade of Nigeria, which has enhanced travellers to flock into Nigeria, especially with flights to Lagos. The city has spread its arms for visitors, and promises to offer both public and private beaches to create room for more fun, activities as well as relaxation. If the ocean does not scare you, here are five amazing beaches for you to explore and find out what makes them stand out.

Bar Beach

Located towards the Victoria Island, Bar Beach is a beloved beach for locals as well as for the international visitors. Distinguished for its sand, resorts, hotels and a famous institution, every side and corner bear sights that can leave one at awe. Without any dangers of the beach being flooded, there are levees to stop the ocean from entering in. You just need to be there through tickets to Lagos, enjoy the cool breeze on hot summer days and relish some fresh fruits on sale. For the more adventurous, sports, swimming, soccer, volleyball and several beach activities abide to give you the best time on Lagos beaches.

You might be tempted to take a plunge into the sea, but you might be discouraged because of the strong currents, but that must not stop your from enjoying other fun-filled events.

Tarkwa Bay

Within a 20 minute boat ride from Lagos docks, the Tarkwa Bay abides on a stunning island. People come here to enjoy the serene environment, which is absolutely irresistible for beach lovers. First timers will surely be in awe to see

Parking Services Help You In The Best Way To Avoid Inconvenience

Parking structures viable disposed to the mishap that is ruthless in nature. The serious accident happening in parking structures is growing by the day. The halting organizations are censored and considered responsible for a lot of events occasion within the grounds. The has driven them to comprehend that there is an expense decided for everything that happens inside especially to the extent commitment and security.

A large partition of the violent events would direct blamed for the security course of action of your parking structure. Ensuring private endeavors to set up well being and tailing them will keep your security structure from being considered responsible for disturbing scenes. Not in the slightest degree such as our feelings, had halting advantages quite recently set away 10 to 15% of their money related arrangement on security. That makes ceasing organizations dangerous. That is exactly why there are a vast amount of wrongdoings submitted in stopping ranges provoking cases.

Apparently taking everything into account a large number of Valet parking Miami that is multi-unit are the ones that have security issues, and these are the ceasing advantages that sued for security hazard issues. Taking the second place are the business organizations, almost took after by restaurants. On the other hand, this yell about endeavors to build up well being has invited parking spaces being more meticulous about their security. That has realized parking spaces were improving efforts to increase security. Starting late, security hazard cases have dropped mostly. Furthermore, most of the danger cases were hindrance verdicts.

The way that proprietors of Jupiter restaurant valet parking and boss have wound up more proactive on turning away criminal activities has incited the development of resistance decisions. Notwithstanding the way that halting organizations are creating generous sponsorship and putting in a tremendous

Tips to Enjoy Your RV Winter Trip

If you do decide to take your RV out in the winter, make sure that it is in good shape and that the awnings are holding up by taking it in for professional RV awning repair in Lafayette. Here are some essential tips to make the most of your family RV vacation in the wintry months.

Check the Water System

There are different parts of the country where, even though they are warm and temperate during the day, the temperatures can drop suddenly at night. If you are going to be travelling in areas where the temperatures could dip below freezing at any time, even during the night, then make sure your water system and plumbing system in your RV are completely winterized. A costly repair bill resulting from a pipe freezing and bursting is enough to ruin your vacation, not to mention damage your RV.

Use Antifreeze

There are other ways to prevent your pipes from freezing during your RV winter wonderland excursion. One thing you can do is add some RV antifreeze to the holding tanks in your RV. Pour some into the black water holding tank in your toilet and down the shower or tub drain as well. Antifreeze can be dangerous if not used carefully, however, and is not something that you should go around pouring down every drain willy-nilly. Rather, make sure to contact an RV repair professional for their recommendations on how to use antifreeze to make using a winterized system easier.

Pick Your Sites Wisely

When you stop at different camping and RV sites for the night, try to be more selective if you can as to where you are going to set up. Look for a spot that will have the most exposure to the sun as possible, but also look for

Always Travel in Style

You have the flight, the hotel and even the itinerary. But if you neglected to secure a ride to and from the airport, you are in for a rude awakening. The most forgotten part of any vacation is transportation to and from the airport. Waiting until the last minute to book airport transportation is playing with fire. Not only could you miss your flight, but Murphy’s Law is sure to take over the minute you wake up the morning of your flight. Before you find yourself in this predicament, consider the top five reasons you should put finding a reliable limo service in Newark at the top of your travel to-do list.

You want to wake up partying! You’ve planned a bachelor party in Vegas or a girls’ get-away on an exotic island. From weddings to need vacation time, you want getting to the destination to be the least of your worries. Why not start the day worry-free? After you decide on a meeting place, have a luxury vehicle pick up and transport your crew. That way you will have a sober designated driver to ensure a safe ride. Worried about the size of the group? Many services have vehicles that can accommodate 4 to 16 people.  These services can provide everything from a high-class sedan to a top-of-the-line passenger bus.

You want to have a total VIP experience. All too often, passengers spend an exuberant amount of money on a vacation package only to arrive at the airport in their every day car. You too can pull up to the airport in a flashy vehicle and command the respect you deserve.  The VIP experience can begin the moment you step on the curb at departures. Everyone from the trip agents to security will recognize your worth and treat you as such. You deserve it.

Disneyland Vacation and Resort Packages

It is the utmost desire of every child to visit the famous Disneyland. But when it comes down to the vacation and resort packages, people are found to be slightly confused, mainly because they don’t have a clear idea about the resorts of Disneyland. By visiting the following website, you can easily get related information about the resorts and if you are interested in knowing about the vacation packages of Disneyland, simply pay a visit Park Savers company website.

The Disneyland Vacation Package includes your hotels, tickets and lots of magical extra’s. And Disneyland Resort Packages can be described as follows:

Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel: On property, seaside-themed resort, with Standard and Premium Views. Also provides Club Services and Signature Suits.

Where Standard and Premium View cost $259-$312.

The Club Service can range from $352 to $385.

And the Suits are rather expensive ranging from $627 to $807.

Disney’s Grand California Hotel and Spa:

The world-class spa and great elegance is very much evident by the crafts-man ship. The resorts include Standard, Woods-Courtyard, Deluxe Partial, Downtown Disney View. Club Services. And Signature Suits.

-Standard View: It provides the guests with the wonderful views of Disney’s Drive, the rooftop and the Parking Area. The Standard View has rooms with beds including 1 King Bed, 2 Queen Beds, 1 Day Bed, 1 Trundle Bed and 1 Day Bed. Moreover, the rates of Standard View start from $394.

-Wood-Courtyard View:

Wood-Courtyard View allows you to see the beautiful courtyards of Disneyland. The rooms include 1 King Bed, 1 Queen Bed, 1 Queen-Sized Sleeper Sofa, 1 Trundle Bed and also 1 Bunk Bed along with 1 Day Bed. The rates of the rooms of Wood-Courtyard View start from $413.

-Deluxe Partial View:

It gives you the partial views of Disneyland’s Theme Parks. And the package of Deluxe Partial View includes

Hire A Renowned Firm to Enjoy Hassle-Free Parking Experience

Parking garages are effectively inclined to mischance that is brutal in nature. Significant mischance happening in parking garages is expanding by the day. The stopping administrations are rebuked and considered in charge of a great deal of occurrences event inside of the grounds. This has driven them to understand that there is a cost chose for everything that happens inside particularly as far as obligation and protection.

A hefty portion of the savage occurrences would straightforwardly be faulted for the security arrangement of your parking garage. Guaranteeing appropriate efforts to establish safety and tailing them will keep your security framework from being considered in charge of untoward episodes. Not at all like our convictions, had stopping benefits just set away 10 to 15% of their financial plan on security. This makes stopping administrations perilous. This is precisely why there are a ton of wrongdoings being submitted in parking areas prompting claims.

Evidently things being what they are a ton of Valet parking fort Lauderdale that are multi-unit are the ones that have security issues and these are the stopping benefits that are being sued for security risk issues. Taking the second place are the business administrations, nearly took after by eateries. Then again, this shout about efforts to establish safety have prompted parking spots being more circumspect about their security. This has brought about parking spots enhancing efforts to establish safety. As of late, security risk cases have dropped significantly. Additionally, the greater part of the risk cases were barrier verdicts.

The way that proprietors of Palm Beach valet parking service and chiefs have chosen to end up more proactive with regards to averting criminal exercises has prompted the expansion of resistance verdicts. In spite of the fact that stopping administrations are developing broad backing and putting

Perks of Airport Taxi services

The fun part of any journey especially travelling internationally by air will increase and sometimes affects adversely the whole experience only because of the availability of transportation mode. And after a long and tiresome fight, if a vehicle is waiting outside the airport than what is more joyous than that. Moreover a frequent traveler becomes a smart traveler instantly the moment he/she had make arrangement for further drive en route their preferred destinations by making a call to any eminent car rental company.

But then again there are various reasons to choose car rental services and one of the most efficient and prominent reason is that not everyone is comfortable in parking their personal vehicle in a parking lot for long time and paying extensively for the same. And secondly availability of chauffeurs-driven car just outside an airport would be very reliving and  comforting and moreover using local taxi hire services and local chauffeurs who are well-known of all the streets and lanes of the foreign destination makes journey safe and swift.

Another reason for booking a cab to and from airport is their flexible nature and their facilities they offer to their customers.  And one of the most aspiring one is their offering services at the door step. And anyone can have their vehicle ready at their door step at any hour of the day because most of them offers pick and drop services and this makes journey and planning of journey more comfortable. Next thing is the privacy and customized services that are given by these car rental firms are also a big attraction for travelers.

It is also a  fact that there are no fixed times of flights and getting tickets depends upon an availability of seats and flights and moreover the timing must have to

What are the heritage hotels? Why they build?

The capital city of Rajasthan is Jaipur it is also one of the most famous cities of the northern region of India. Its grand palaces, forts, and mansions scattered all around its landscapes are a foremost crowd drawer. Heritage hotels in Pink City (Jaipur) are known for tendering a stay packed with greatest luxury and comfort to both leisure as well as business travelers from all around the world. A guest acquires likelihood to have the similar grand lifestyle, as was subsist by the erstwhile kings as well as queens. While after the elimination of privy takings, the royal families want keep the magnificence of their lavish properties and serve the guests as they were getting in erstwhile, they wish to keep alive their regal life style of coming centuries so the idea of heritage hotel conversion has come up.

In the package of your vacation, you make stay in huge air-conditioned comfortable and gracefully designed rooms. These hotels as well have multi cuisine restaurants attached with a well stocked bar with prolific furniture and crockery to tender you an astounding fine-dining experience like the royalty. The rooms as well as the hotels themselves are with all mod cons with every outstanding facility such as attached bathrooms with toiletries, medical help, room service, internet access, laundry service, LCD TV, conference or banquet halls, large lush lawns and much more. You can as well take pleasure of various kinds of leisure activities and outdoor games.

At Heritage Hotels in Jaipur you get royal treat and one you supposed to be king. While staying in heritage hotels you feel like king hospitality of these hotels are akin to the ancient times royal hospitality, you will see the hostel crew is dressed in the way to grand you the